Payment Terms

By placing the Order, the BUYER is obliged to pay for it. To this end, the method of payment must be selected in the procedure for placing an Order, in accordance with the third paragraph of Article 43c of the Slovenian Consumer Protection Act. The BUYER cannot place an Order without selecting a form of payment. The BUYER shall be notified of the final price and amount to be paid (including VAT and freight costs) before the Order is placed (in step 3: Order recap and payment). 

The SELLER offers the following payment methods:

  • bank transfer to the SELLER's account, based on automatic notification by e-mail to the BUYER's e-mail address*
  • credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, BA, Maestro)**
  • from a PayPal account**.

* The BUYER must arrange payment within 5 working days after receiving electronic order confirmation, otherwise the SELLER has the right to cancel the reservation of the selected goods and sell these goods to other parties. The BUYER will be informed about Order cancellation by electronic notification. The payment must be made without deductions.

** If payment is made by credit card or from a PayPal account, the following conditions apply:

  • The payer (data in the BUYER's account) must be the same person or organization as the owner of the credit card or PayPal account,
  • After the SELLER has confirmed receipt of the Order, it is not possible to change the content of the Order or the final amount of the contract, except in exceptional cases and with prior approval. The Order shall be paid by payment card or PayPal once the Order has been validated and dispatched. The BUYER's account shall be debited immediately after validation of the Order. One transaction shall be performed for each Order.

 Payment with credit cards is currently not available for US market.