Ordering Process

A user must sign into My Profile before or during the ordering process to execute the Order.

An Order can be only be placed for products in stock, and the Order quantity must also fulfil the condition of the minimum Order quantity. If both conditions are met, the Order can be placed.

There is a 4-step ordering process:

  1. Step: Products
  2. Step: Delivery address
  3. Step: Order recap and payment
  4. Step: Order confirmation

The BUYER's Order will be systematically confirmed by sending an automatic electronic message (with the title Confirmation of the Receipt of the Order) to the e-mail address stated by the BUYER when placing the Order. The automatic confirmation message will include the BUYER name and the Order summary. From that moment on, all prices and other terms will be fixed and will apply to both the SELLER and the BUYER.

The sales contract (i.e., the first electronic message with the Confirmation of the Receipt of the Order) is stored electronically on an online store server.

The Order will only be validated after the BUYER provides the information required for the successful completion of their Order and pays for it. In case of chosen payment method bank transfer shall be made within 5 working days after receiving electronic order confirmation. The BUYER shall guarantee that all information needed for placing the Order is accurate. If all or part of the delivery addresses are incorrect, and the SELLER is obliged to return the orders to their warehouse, the BUYER will be held liable for the consequences and the SELLER shall be entitled to charge administrative and freight costs associated with returning the Order(s).

The SELLER reserves the right to refuse an Order from a BUYER with whom there is a dispute over the fulfilment of, or payment, for a previous Order, or if the BUYER has not complied with these Internet Sales Terms and Conditions.

The SELLER's obligations begin from the date on which the SELLER receives and confirms the BUYER's Order.

The SELLER reserves the right to make an offer using electronic sales e-mails, if it is necessary to request additional information about Product characteristics or inform the Buyer of a shortage of Products in the SELLER's warehouse.

In the case of specific destinations and volumes, an immediate order cannot be issued. In this case, the BUYER's request is sent to the SELLER, which responds with the offer within 3 business days.

Order submitted

After Order submission, the BUYER shall automatically be sent an electronic message confirming Order acceptance, and containing a summary of the Order. The BUYER can also view the Order summary online in My Profile. The SELLER reserves the right to call the BUYER on the BUYER's contact telephone number, to check the Order data or to ensure that the delivery is accurate. The SELLER can keep the BUYER up to date about the delivery of Products.

Shipment/delivery of order

Within the agreed period, the SELLER shall prepare and dispatch the Order, and shall inform the BUYER by email of the shipping details.

Issuing invoices

The commercial invoice is issued on the day of shipment and accompanies the consignment/shipment. After the forwarder has collected the ordered goods, the SELLER shall send the commercial invoice to the BUYER's e-mail address, in a PDF file. The BUYER can view the commercial invoice online in My Profile – Order/Inquiry list.

The commercial invoice contains data about Products, quantities, Products prices, the total Product cost, freight costs, VAT tax and the total amount due for payment.

The BUYER is required to check that the data is correct before placing the order. Subsequent claims made, concerning the validity of issued invoices will not be taken into account.

If the BUYER decides to cancel the Order within the permitted time period, the BUYER must immediately inform the SELLER in writing, by sending an e-mail to webshop@ravnesystems.com.