Ask for DURALIFE V+ KNIVES – the next generation of granulator knives

An industrial knife is the heart and soul of the recycling process. It crushes and mills different types of waste – reusable raw materials (PET, plastics, copper, aluminium, rubber etc.) into granulate. Waste is never completely homogeneous. Normally it contains a variety of foreign bodies, which is why knives are usually under constant pressure. Consequently, chipping and breaking of the blades occurs quite often and is nothing uncommon.

Combining a wide Range of Applications with a longer Lifetime

The Duralife V+ is an innovation on the market. Until today no manufacturer of blades has offered knives that combine a wide range of applications of the affordable conventional steels with the benefits of tungsten carbide with a longer lifetime. The Duralife V+ is a different story. They are not fragile like knives made out of hard metal. They are actually a lot tougher than conventional knives.

Due to higher wear resistance and higher toughness of Duralife V+ knives, knives have higher lifetime, require less regrinding and less machine stops. Downtime costs for knives out of Duralife V+ are three times lower as by knives out of W.Nr. 1.2379. Same parameters influence also on the amount of maintenance costs, which are by Duralife V+ knives for three times lower. We need less regrinding and less new knives.

We save your money and we help you lower your total costs of ownership (TCO). 

Designed to satisfy customer needs

Customer satisfaction is always our number one priority. We carefully review each individual product that the customer wants to have, discuss its characteristics and the intended use. Based on this information we suggest the most appropriate material for the application. 

For each purchase order we review customer's plans, verify and validate them. We design a 3D model with the help of a computer program SolidWorks. We determine the optimal hardness of the knife and prepare the corresponding technical documentation.

Our products are made of the highest quality tool steel and combined with appropriate powder material, therefor we can always comply with the customer's specific requests.