Right to Withdraw from the Order

Provisions for legal persons

If the BUYER unilaterally withdraws from the Order, after the SELLER has dispatched it, the BUYER is obliged to reimburse the SELLER for all the costs and damage related to the fulfilment of the Order.

Provisions for individuals (consumers)

The provisions of this paragraph apply solely to BUYERS in their capacity as consumers ordering Products from the SELLER online. The BUYER has the right to withdraw from this agreement within a period of 14 calendar days without giving a reason. The right of withdrawal period will expire 14 calendar days after the Products have been physically received by the BUYER or a third party nominated by the BUYER, which is not the carrier.

The BUYER must notify the SELLER about withdrawing from the contract. The BUYER must withdraw from a contract in writing, without exception. The BUYER must send a notification e-mail message, with an unambiguous statement of withdrawal, to the SELLER's address webshop@ravnesystems.com, within 14 days. The BUYER can use the attached template withdrawal form, but it is not obligatory.

The BUYER does not have the right to terminate the contract in cases that articles have been manufactured in accordance with the precise instructions of the BUYER and adapted to their personal needs.

In any event, the BUYER must send the goods back to the SELLER, or hand them over at the SELLER's premises within 14 calendar days from the day on which they notify the SELLER of their decision to withdraw from the agreement. The BUYER will be considered to be within the time limit if they send the goods back before 14 calendar days have expired.

The BUYER must send the goods to the SELLER's address:
SIJ Ravne Systems d.o.o.,
Koroška cesta 14,
2390 Ravne na Koroškem, Slovenia,
with the reference "Webshop".

The BUYER must return the Products together with the commercial invoice.

The BUYER is obliged to return the Products undamaged and unchanged, unless the Product quantity has decreased without the BUYER being responsible for that. If the returned Products are reduced in any way, the SELLER is entitled to hold the BUYER liable and demand compensation for each depreciation in value of the Products that is due to the BUYER's use of the Products that goes beyond what was necessary to determine the characteristics and functionality of the Products. Only complete shipments (i.e. containing the original order quantity) that are returned in the original packaging, along with the commercial invoice, are acceptable.

If the BUYER withdraws from the agreement, the SELLER shall repay all payments received from the BUYER up until that time, within a maximum of 14 calendar days of the date on which the BUYER notified the SELLER of their decision to withdraw from the agreement. For commercial agreements, the SELLER can delay reimbursement until all the Products have been returned. The SELLER will repay the BUYER using the same means of payment as the BUYER used in the initial transaction, unless the BUYER has explicitly agreed otherwise. In any case, the BUYER will not be charged for any additional costs in connection with such repayment, except freight costs for delivery to the BUYER and for return delivery to the SELLER.