For perfect knife performance, proper and timely maintenance is required. It is recommended to follow machine instructions from machine manufacturer for installing the knives and setting correct cutting gap.

Please follow bellow recommendations for regrinding:

  • Clean the knife before each grinding.
  • Use proper grinding machine with appropriate grinding wheel and correct cooling. Use the cooling liquid to conduct the heat generated between the knife and the grinding wheel. Be sure that the cooling nozzle is directed to the point where the grinding wheel is in contact with the knife.
  • Knife must be grinded only to minimum dimensions determined by the machine builder.
  • Remove the minimal needed amount of material to restore sharp edge and prolong blade life.
  • Removal rate and speed of grinding need to be adjusted according to the knife’s steel type and hardness.
  • De-burr the knives after regrinding. Upon request, we are also able to provide you with the proper tools (oil stones, etc.).
  • In case there is some material residual built up from grinding, use special oilstone to remove any material residual.

For additional information regarding re-sharpening of your knives please contact our service department on +386 2 87 07 824 or send us an e-mail to